13 August 2007

1921 National League

The Giants outlasted Pittsburgh and St. Louis to win the pennant, then beat their crosstown rival Yankees to win the World Series. Both New York teams won, and both Philadelphia teams lost 100 games. The Giants beat out the Pirates by four games and the Cardinals by seven. Boston was fourth and Brooklyn fifth, both a bit above .500, while the dregs of the league were occupied by Cincinnati, Chicago, and then the Phillies with 103 losses.

Statistical leaders: George Kelly led with 23 homers, Frankie Frisch with 49 steals. Everything else was all Rogers Hornsby, all the time: .397 average, 131 runs, 235 hits, 44 doubles, 18 triples (tied with Ray Powell), 126 RBI. Edd Roush was second with a .352 average, Austin McHenry third with a .350 average. Dave Bancroft tied with Frisch for second with 121 runs. Frisch was second with 211 hits. Kelly second with 42 doubles, Hornsby second with 21 homers, Kelly second with 122 RBI.

Wilbur Cooper and Burleigh Grimes tied with 22 wins, Grimes led with 136 strikeouts (two more than Cooper) and Bill Doak posted a 2.59 ERA. Art Nehf and Joe Oeschger won 20 games. Babe Adams was second with a 2.64 ERA, Whitey Glazner third at 2.77, Eppa Rixey fourth with 2.78. Cooper was second with 134 strikeouts.

Win Shares leaders, players; Rogers Hornsby (St. Louis) 41, Dave Bancroft and Frankie Frisch (New York) 31, Austin McHenry (St. Louis) 25, Ray Powell (Boston), Jimmy Johnston (Brooklyn), George Kelly (New York), Max Carey (Pittsburgh) and Jack Fournier (St. Louis) 24 each, Tony Boeckel (Boston), Zack Wheat (Brooklyn), Ross Youngs (New York) and Rabbit Maranville (Pittsburgh) 23.

WS leaders, pitchers; Burleigh Grimes (Brooklyn) 29, Wilbur Cooper (Pittsburgh) 27, Dolf Luque (Cincinnati) 23, Pete Alexander (Chicago) and Eppa Rixey (Cincinnati) 22, Whitey Glazner (Pittsburgh) 21, Joe Oeschger (Boston) 20, Jesse Barnes (New York) and Babe Adams (Pittsburgh) 19.

WARP3: Hornsby 11.4, Bancroft 6.9, Frisch 6.4, Maranville 5.4, McHenry 4.4 (career year), Fournier 4.1, Kelly 3.8, Youngs 3.6, Frank Snyder (New York) and Heinie Groh (Cincinnati) 3.5.

Pitchers, Grimes 7.6, Alexander 5.4, Luque 4.9, Rixey 4.4, Clarence Mitchell (Brooklyn) 3.5, Oeschger 3.4 (career year), Adams 3.2, Cooper 3.1, Dutch Ruether (Brooklyn) 3.0.

WAR leaders, position players: Hornsby 11.1, Bancroft 7.5, Frisch 7.1, McHenry 5.1, Carey 4.5, Maranville and Fournier 4.4, Youngs and Kelly 4.1, Johnston 4.0. Pitchers: Grimes 6.1, Glazner 4.4, Oeschger 4.0, Cooper and Rixey 3.9, Alexander and Luque 3.7, Adams 3.3, Doak and Morrison 3.2.

Best player: Rogers Hornsby. The Rajah was in the process of dominating the league. Hornsby led in average, runs, hits, doubles, triples, RBI and OPS. Far behind at #2 would be Dave Bancroft, the Giants' shortstop and #2 in the league in runs. Frisch, 2nd in hits and tied with Bancroft for second in runs, ranks #3. Austin McHenry's best year puts him at #4, and Jack Fournier checks in at #5.

Best pitcher: Burleigh Grimes. 1st in wins, 1st in strikeouts, 5th in ERA. #2 Wilbur Cooper, #3 Eppa Rixey, #4 Pete Alexander, #5 Dolf Luque.

Best rookie: probably Pete Donohue, 7-6 with a 3.35 ERA for Cincinnati.

Best manager: John McGraw, leading New York back to dominance.

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