04 August 2007

1915 National League

The second straight surprise pennant winners, as the Philadelphia Phillies won with just 90 victories, seven games ahead of Boston and 10 ahead of Brooklyn, the only other teams over .500. Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Cincinnati came next. The worst team, New York, was 69-83. It was a year of mediocrity.

Statistical leaders: Larry Doyle won the batting title for the last-place Giants at .320 with Philly's Fred Luderus second at .315. Gavy Cravath led the percentage categories of on-base, slugging, and OPS. Cravath also led in runs (89), total bases, home runs, (24), RBI (115), and walks. Philadelphia had a great hitter's park, but that's still a strong performance. Doyle led the league with 40 doubles, Tom Long with 25 triples, and Max Carey with 36 steals.

Pete Alexander had 31 wins (Dick Rudolph was second with 22), 241 strikeouts (Jeff Tesreau was second with 176) and a 1.22 ERA (Fred Toney was second at 1.58). It is safe to say Alexander was dominating.

1915 NL Win Shares:
Players; Gavy Cravath (Philadclphia) 35, Larry Doyle (New York) 33, Jake Daubert (Brooklyn) 27, Sherry Magee (Boston) and Fred Luderus (Philadelphia) 26, Heinie Groh (Cincinnati) 25, Red Smith (Boston), Zack Wheat (Brooklyn), Vic Saier (Chicago), George Burns (New York), Bill Hinchman (Pittsburgh) and Frank Snyder (St. Louis) 24 each.

Pitchers; Pete Alexander (Philadelphia) 43, Jeff Pfeffer (Brooklyn) 26, Dick Rudolph (Boston) and Erskine Mayer (Philadelphia) 24, Fred Toney (Cincinnati) 23, Tom Hughes (Boston) 22.

WARP3: Cravath 8.0, Honus Wagner (Pittsburgh) 6.6, Snyder 6.1 (best season), Groh 5.9, Luderus 5.5, Hinchman 5.3 (best season in return to big leagues), Magee 4.7, Doyle 4.4, Daubert 4.0, Saier 3.8 (last good year), Hank Gowdy (Boston) 3.7.

Pitchers: Alexander 12.2 (in the first of three straight 30-win seasons), Jeff Tesreau (New York) 8.4, Toney 7.2 (first big year, best year), Pfeffer 6.4, Rudolph and Al Mamaux (Pittsburgh) 5.6, Mayer 5.5, Hughes 5.2 (best season), Jimmy Lavender (Chicago) 4.8, Pat Ragan (Boston) 4.6.

WAR, position players: Cravath 7.1, Groh 5.7, Wagner and Luderus 5.6, Hinchman and Herzog 5.0, Magee and Doyle 4.8, Smith, Saier and Bancroft 4.2. Pitchers: Alexander 9.8, Toney 6.6, Mamaux 5.4, Pfeffer 5.0, Tesreau 4.6, Hughes 4.1, Ragan 3.8, Mayer 3.4, Lavender 3.3, Doak 3.1.

The top award winners are Gavy Cravath and Pete Alexander, both for a Phillies team that won its only pennant ever until 1980.

Best player would go Cravath #1, Larry Doyle #2, Fred Luderus #3, Heinie Groh #4, Bill Hinchman #5.

Best pitchers are Alexander way ahead at #1 (31-10, 1.22), with Toney (1.58 ERA) #2, Al Mamaux #3, Dick Rudolph #4, Erskine Mayer #5.

Best rookie was Dave Bancroft, batting .254 in 153 games for the Phillies as a shortstop.

Best manager was Pat Moran, completing a clean sweep of awards for the Phillies.

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