11 August 2007

1919 National League

Cincinnati was yet another surprise NL pennant winner, by 9 games over the Giants. Chicago, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, Boston, St. Louis, and Philadelphia trailed. The Reds then won the NL's first World Series in five years, and only the second of the decade. But the win would be tainted by the Black Sox gambling scandal.

Statistical leaders: Edd Roush hit .321 to edge Rogers Hornsby's .318 for the batting title. Ross Youngs hiti .311 and Heinie Groh .310. George Burns led in runs with 86 and steals with 40. Groh and Jake Daubert had 79 runs each. George Cutshaw 36 steals. Ivy Olson had 164 hits. Hornsby had 163, Roush and George Burns 162. Ross Youngs had 31 doubles, Burns and Fred Luderus had 30. Gavy Cravath had 12 homers and Benny Kauff 10, Hy Myers 73 RBI, Hornsby and Roush 71 each.

Jesse Barnes led pitchers with 25 wins, Hippo Vaughn had 141 strikeouts, and Pete Alexander led with a 1.72 ERA. Vaughn and Slim Sallee had 21 wins each. Vaughn had a 1.79 ERA, Dutch Ruether 1.82, Fred Toney 1.84. Hod Eller was second with 137 strikeouts.

Win Shares leaders, players; Edd Roush (Cincinnati) 33, George Burns (New York) 32, Heinie Groh (Cincinnati) 30, Ross Youngs (New York) 27, Rogers Hornsby (St. Louis) 26, Benny Kauff (New York) 24, Hy Myers (Brooklyn) 23, Zack Wheat (Brooklyn) and Morrie Rath (Cincinnati) 21.

WS leaders, pitchers; Hippo Vaughn (Chicago) 30, Babe Adams (Pittsburgh) 27, Pete Alexander (Chicago) and Dutch Ruether (Cincinnati) 26, Wilbur Cooper (Pittsburgh) 25, Jesse Barnes (New York) 24, Hod Eller (Cincinnati) 23, Slim Sallee (Cincinnati) 22.

WARP3: Groh 8.0, Hornsby 6.8 (he would kick into high gear the next year), Burns 6.6, Youngs 6.4, Roush 5.7, Milt Stock (St. Louis) 5.4, Larry Doyle (New York) 5.2, Rath 4.8 (best year), Art Fletcher (New York) 4.6, Gavy Cravath (Philaelphia) 3.4.

Pitchers: Alexander 8.3, Vaughn 6.8, Dick Rudolph (Boston) 6.2, Adams 5.7, Jeff Pfeffer (Brooklyn) 5.5, Leon Cadore (Brooklyn) 5.2, Lee Meadows (Philadelphia) 4.5, Cooper 4.0, Ruether 3.7 (first full season), Barnes 3.6.

WAR leaders, position players: Hornsby 6.5, Burns 6.2, Groh 5.8, Roush 5.5, Fletcher and Youngs 4.8, Stock 4.5, Maranville and Hollocher 4.2, Rath and Myers 3.9. Pitchers: Alexander 6.2, Adams and Vaughn 6.1, Cadore 4.7, Cooper, Pfeffer, Ruether, and Sallee 3.8, Nehf 3.6, Rudolph 3.5.

Best player: Edd Roush takes the award for the World Champion Reds. Roush hit .321 in a year like most of his others, but it's enough to lift him to the top. Heinie Groh led the league in OPS and ranks #2. Burns is #3 for the Giants with Rogers Hornsby #4 and Ross Youngs #5.

Best pitcher: Hippo Vaughn at 21-14, 1.79 over Pete Alexander's comeback to 16-11, 1.72 for the same team. Babe Adams ranks #3, Jesse Barnes #4 and Dutch Ruether #5.

Best rookie: No candidate I can find.

Best manager: Pat Moran led the Reds to the pennant, their only NL flag until 1940.

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