04 August 2007

1915 Federal League

The last year of the Federal League resulted in a terrific pennant race, as Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh battled down to the final day. The Indianapolis franchise shifted to Newark, but star Benny Kauff moved to Brooklyn. A few more stars defected, notably 1B Ed Konetchy and P Eddie Plank and Chief Bender. The Feds were really a pretty good AAA league, not a true major league. There aren't really any examples of major league stars in mid-career switching over to the Feds. Some were on the tail end (like Plank) or got a start (like Flack) but it wasn't like the Cobbs and Speakers and Collinses played in the FL. This was also the last league outside the American and National recognized as a major league.

Statistical Leaders: Benny Kauff won another batting title and led the percentage categories, with a .342 average and 955 OPS. Babe Borton led with 97 runs, Jack Tobin with 184 hits, Steve Evans with 34 doubles, Les Mann with 19 triples, Hal Chase with 17 home runs, and Dutch Zwilling with 94 RBI. Kauff led with 55 steals. George McConnell led pitchers with 25 wins, Dave Davenport with 229 strikeouts, and Earl Moseley with a 1.91 ERA.

These Win Shares just handed to me:
Players; Benny Kauff (Brooklyn) 34, Dutch Zwilling (Chicago) 30, Ed Konetchy (Pittsburgh) 27, Max Flack (Chicago) 26, Bill Rariden (Newark) 25, Claude Cooper (Brooklyn), Hal Chase and Baldy Louden (Buffalo) and Jack Tobin (St. Louis) 23 each.

Pitchers; Dave Davenport (St.Louis) 34, Doc Crandall and Eddie Plank (St. Louis) 29, George McConnell (Chicago) and Nick Cullop (Kansas City) 25, Frank Allen (Pittsburgh) 24.

WARP3: Kauff 6.2, Rariden 4.4, Konetchy 3.7, Zwilling 3.6, Cooper 3.1 (career year).

Pitchers, Plank 6.1, Davenport 5.1 (career year), Crandall 4.1, Ed Reulbach (Newark) 3.8, Fred Anderson (Buffalo) 3.7.

WAR leaders, position players: Kauff 9.6, Konetchy 7.5, Zwilling 6.9, Cooper 6.0, Miller 5.8, Tobin 5.7, Mowrey and Flack 5.6, Mann 5.3, Esmond 5.1. Pitchers: Davenport 9.0, Plank 6.7, Allen 5.4, Anderson, Moseley, and Reulbach 4.8, Crandall 4.6, Cullop 4.3.

Best player: Benny Kauff. He was a decent major leaguer until he went down in the gambling scandals of the 1910s-1920s. #2 Ed Konetchy, #3 Bill Rariden, #4 Dutch Zwilling, #5 Max Flack.

Best pitcher; Eddie Plank. The old pro showed 'em how it was done. #2 Dave Davenport, #3 Doc Crandall, #4 Nick Cullop, #5 George McConnell.

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