15 July 2013

2011 American League

The 2011 American League featured a 97-win Yankee team, a 96-win Rangers team, and a 95-win Tiger team, with a 91-win Tampa Bay squad beating out 90-win Boston for the wild card slot.  Only the Angels, at 86 wins, mounted a good run at those leaders.  At the bottom, the Twins lost 99, the Mariners 95, the Orioles 93, and the Royals 91.

The Yankees looked like the dominant team going into the playoffs, but were knocked out by the Tigers while the Rangers downed the Rays.  Texas beat Detroit to go to the World Series, where they lost in seven games.

Miguel Cabrera led the field in batting average at .344, with Adrian Gonzalez and Michael Young tied for second at .338.  Cabrera was also second in on-base average and second in slugging.  Curtis Granderson led in runs with 136.  Ian Kinsler was well back in second with 121.  Young and Gonzalez tied for the hits lead with 213.  Jacoby Ellsbury was third in hits, and led in total bases.  Cabrera led with 48 doubles and Jeff Francouer was second with 47.  Austin Jackson and Peter Bourjos tied for the triples lead with 11.  Jose Bautista led with 43 homers, and was also second in on-base and led in slugging.  Granderson was second with 41 homers and led with 119 RBI.  Robinson Cano was second with 118 RBI.  Coco Crisp and Brett Gardner led in steals with 49.  Carlos Quentin was hit with 23 pitches.

Justin Verlander hit the trifecta, leading in wins with 24, ERA with a 2.40 mark, and strikeouts with 250.  Second in wins was C.C. Sabathia with 19, while Jared Weaver had 18.  Weaver was second in ERA at 2.41, James Shields third at 2.82.  Sabathia was second in strikeouts with 230.  Jose Valverde saved 49, Mariano Rivera 44.

Win Shares leaders, position players: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit) 38, Jose Bautista (Toronto) 36, Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston) 34, Robinson Cano (New York) 30,  Ben Zobrist (Tampa Bay) 28, Adrian Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia (Boston), Alex Avila (Detroit) 27, Curtis Granderson (New York) 26, Asdrubal Cabrera (Cleveland), Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay) 25, Paul Konerko (Chicago), Victor Martinez (Detroit), Alex Gordon (Kansas City) 24.

Win Shares leaders, pitchers:  Justin Verlander (Detroit) 27, Jered Weaver (Los Angeles) 24, James Shields (Tampa Bay), C.J. Wilson (Texas), Ricky Romero (Toronto) 20, C.C. Sabathia (New York) 19, Dan Haren (Los Angeles) 18, Josh Beckett (Boston), Felix Hernandez (Seattle) 16,

WAR (Fangraphs version) leaders, position players:  Ellsbury 9.1, Bautista 7.8, Pedroia 7.6, Kinsler 7.3, M. Cabrera, Gordon, and Granderson 6.7, A. Gonzalez 6.3, Zobrist 6.2, Longoria 6.1, Howie Kendrick (Los Angeles) 5.6, Adrian Beltre and Mike Napoli (Texas) 5.4, Cano 5.3.

WAR leaders, pitchers:  Verlander 6.9, Sabathia 6.6, Haren 6.2, Weaver 5.8, Wilson 5.4, Doug Fister (Seattle/Detroit) 5.2, Hernandez 4.7, Shields 4.6, Brandon McCarthy (Oakland) 4.5, David Price (Tampa Bay) 4.4, Justin Masterson (Cleveland) 4.3.

Actual BBWAA voting:


Voting Results
Batting StatsPitching Stats
1Justin VerlanderDET280.013.071%8.40344000000.
2Jacoby EllsburyBOS242.04.062%8.11158660119212321053952.321.376.552.928
3Jose BautistaTOR231.05.059%8.07149513105155431039132.302.447.6081.056
4Curtis GrandersonNYY215.03.055%5.40156583136153411192585.262.364.552.916
5Miguel CabreraDET193.02.049%7.58161572111197301052108.344.448.5861.033
6Robinson CanoNYY112.00.029%5.4515962310418828118838.302.349.533.882
7Adrian GonzalezBOS105.00.027%6.9015963010821327117174.338.410.548.957
8Michael YoungTEX96.01.024%2.301596318821311106647.338.380.474.854
9Dustin PedroiaBOS48.00.012%7.9415963510219521912686.307.387.474.861
10Evan LongoriaTBR27.00.07%7.49133483781183199380.244.355.495.850
11Ian KinslerTEX25.00.06%6.9715562012115832773089.255.355.477.832

Cy Young:
1Justin VerlanderDET196.028.0100%8.44245.8282.4034340420251.01747367245702503279690.920172
2Jered WeaverLAA97.00.049%7.04188.6922.4133330420235.21826563205601983089261.010156
3James ShieldsTBR66.00.034%5.151612.5712.82333301140249.11958378266512255049751.043134
4CC SabathiaNYY63.00.032%7.47198.7043.0033330310237.12308779176142307129851.226143
5Jose ValverdeDET28.00.014%2.0024.3332.2475070004972.15221185344693133011.189185

Rookie of the Year:
1Jeremy HellicksonTBR102.017.073%3.79292000000.
2Mark TrumboLAA63.05.045%2.83149539651372987925.254.291.477.768
3Eric HosmerKCR38.04.027%1.601285236615319781134.293.334.465.799
4Ivan NovaNYY30.01.021%3.30284000000.
5Michael PinedaSEA11.00.08%2.38285010000.
6Dustin AckleySEA6.01.04%3.67903333991636640.273.348.417.766
7Desmond JenningsTBR1.00.01%2.3863247446410252031.259.356.449.805
7Jordan WaldenLAA1.00.01%0.82620000000552.981.2436203260.14932667

Manager of the Year:
RankTmVote Pts1st PlaceShareGWLW-L%Finish
1Joe MaddonTBR133.026.095%1629171.5622.0
2Jim LeylandDET54.01.039%1629567.5861.0
3Ron WashingtonTEX31.01.022%1629666.5931.0
4Manny ActaCLE16.00.011%1628082.4942.0
5Joe GirardiNYY14.00.010%1629765.5991.0
6Mike SciosciaLAA4.00.03%1628676.5312.0
Top player:  the rankings systems differ.  This sort of thing tends to happen when the top hitters, here Bautista and Cabrera, are poor fielders, and there are good hitters who are also excellent defenders, like Ellsbury, Cabrera, and Kinsler.  Verlander got the MVP, but we don't consider him.  I'll go with Ellsbury, top player in BBWAA voting and tops in WAR from Fangraphs.
#1 Jacoby Ellsbury, #2 Jose Bautista, #3 Miguel Cabrera, #4 Dustin Pedroia, #5 Curtis Granderson, #6 Ben Zobrist.

Top pitcher:  Pretty clear the best guy is Verlander, who tops every measuring stick.
#1 Justin Verlander, #2 C.C. Sabathia, #3 Jered Weaver, #4 Dan Haren, #5 James Shields.

Top rookie:  Jeremy Hellickson had a darn good year.

Top manager:  Joe Maddon, which would be true in most recent years in the AL.

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