27 July 2007

1914 Federal League

Here come the Feds! They burst onto the scene in 8 cities; Baltimore, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. They were well-financed, built new ballparks, and posed a threat to the status quo. Of course, the AL and NL attempted to circle the wagons. With an economic downturn, the Feds lasted only two years, but they shook things up. Indianapolis won the pennant in a close race with Chicago; Baltimore and Buffalo were not far behind.

Statistical leaderboard: Benny Kauff led the league in hitting at .370, with Steve Evans second at .348. Evans led in slugging, Kauff in on-base and OPS. Kauff led in most categories, including runs (120), hits (211), doubles (44), and steals (75). Frank LaPorte of Indianapolis had 107 RBI. Claude Hendrix led the league with 29 wins and a 1.69 ERA, while Cy Falkenberg led in strikeouts with 236.

Win Shares leaderboard; Players--Benny Kauff (Indianapolis) 38, Steve Evans (Brooklyn) and Bill Kenworthy (Kansas City) 30, Charlie Hanford (Brooklyn) and Dutch Zwilling (Chicago) 29, Art Wilson (Chicago) 27, Doc Crandall (St. Louis) 26. Pitchers--Claude Hendrix (Chicago) 37, Cy Falkenberg (Indianapolis) 34, Jack Quinn (Baltimore) 32, Russ Ford (Buffalo) 29, George Suggs (Baltimore) 28.

WARP3: Wilson 6.2 (career year), Kauff 5.6, Evans 4.2, Kenworthy 3.9, Ed Lennox (Pittsburgh) 3.1. Pitchers, Suggs 7.6, Quinn 7.4, Hendrix 6.8, Falkenberg 6.7, Ford 5.5.

WAR leaders, position players: Kauff 11.1, Zwilling 7.7, Kenworthy 7.5, Evans 7.4, Wilson 6.8, Lennox 6.5, McKechnie 6.1, Wickland 6.0. Pitchers: Falkenberg 9.3, Hendrix 9.2, Ford 7.5, Quinn 6.9, Suggs 6.6, Krapp 5.7, Lafitte 5.4, Watson 5.2.

Most FL players had little careers in the majors, or were much better in the FL than in the AL or NL. It was really a marginal major league.

Best player: Benny Kauff. Propelled Indy to the pennant. Led the league in OPS, runs, hits, doubles, and steals. Steve Evans, a strong hitter but poor defender, #2, with Kenworthy #3, Wilson #4, and Zwilling #5.

Best pitcher: Claude Hendrix. The major league vet led the league in wins (29) and ERA (1.69). Falkenberg #2 and Quinn #3, Russ Ford #4, George Suggs #5.

Best rookie: Max Flack hit .247 in 134 games for Chicago.

Best manager: Bill Phillips of Indianapolis for guiding his team to the pennant.

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