25 July 2007

1913 National League

New York won another easy pennant, by 12.5 games over surprising Philadelphia. Chicago was 3rd and Pittsburgh 4th. Boston, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, and St. Louis made up the second division. The MVP voters picked an odd candidate, Brooklyn 1B Jake Daubert, the batting average leader at .350. The MVP voter's pick of Daubert is an historical hiccup caused by a complete dearth of star players in the NL. That's what you notice looking at this period of National League history, the quality of play was not that good. The AL was much better. New York lost another World Series in October, and the NL would win only two WS in the 1910s, one of those the tainted 1919 affair.

Statistical leaderboard: Daubert at .350 and Gavy Cravath at .341 were far ahead of the rest, including Jim Viox and Joe Tinker at .317 in third place. Cravath led in slugging and OPS, Miller Huggins in on-base. Max Carey and Tommy Leach tied with 99 runs, Cravath led with 179 hits, 19 homers, and 128 RBI. Red Smith had 40 doubles, Vic Saier 21 triples, and Carey 61 steals.

Tom Seaton of the Pirates led with 27 wins, ahead of Christy Mathewson's 25. Mathewson led with a 2.06 ERA followed by Babe Adams at 2.15. Seaton edged Jeff Tesreau 168 strikeouts to 167. Larry Cheney had 11 saves. Pete Alexander had nine shutouts, Lefty Tyler 28 complete games. Seaton led with 322 innings to Adams's 314.

Win Shares leaderboard:
Players; Gavy Cravath (Philadelphia) 29, Vic Saier (Chicago) 26, Heinie Zimmerman (Chicago) 25, Tommy Leach (Chicago) and Art Fletcher (New York) 24, Tilly Shafer (New York) and Jim Viox (Pittsburgh) 23, George Burns (New York) 22, Larry Doyle and Fred Snodgrass (New York) 21.

Pitchers; Christy Mathewson (New York) 30, Tom Seaton (Philadelphia) and Babe Adams (Pittsburgh) 29, Pete Alexander (Philadelphia) 27, Rube Marquard (New York) 26, Larry Cheney (Chicago) and Jeff Tesreau (New York) 25, Slim Sallee (St. Louis) 22.

WARP3 scores: Chief Meyers (New York) 5.6, Fletcher 4.8, Joe Tinker (Cincinnati) 4.7, Cravath 4.5, Jake Daubert (Brooklyn) and Ed Konetchy (St. Louis) 4.4, Zack Wheat (Brooklyn) 4.1, Rabbit Maranville (Boston) 4.0, Shaffer, Saier (best year) and Honus Wagner (Pittsburgh) 3.9, Zimmerman and Leach 3.6. It really says something that two of the top three in WARP and six of the top eight are not among the leaders in Win Shares.

Pitchers; Adams 8.9, Sallee 7.9, Seaton 7.3 (best year), Alexander 7.0, Mathewson 6.8 (last great year), Cheney 6.1, Dick Rudolph (Boston) 6.0, Lefty Tyler (Boston) 5.4, Tesreau 5.1, Ad Brennan (Philadelphia) and Claude Hendrix (Pittsburgh) 4.8, Nap Rucker (Brooklyn) 4.5, Marquard 4.4.

WAR, position players: Cravath 6.6, Fletcher and Zimmerman 5.6, Smith 5.3, Daubert 5.0, Lobert and Saier 4.9, Viox 4.7, Shafer and Veach 4.6. Pitchers: Adams 7.6, Mathewson 6.8, Alexander 6.5, Seaton 6.3, Sallee 5.4, Marquard 5.1, Tesreau 5.0, Cheney 4.7, Rucker 4.3, Demaree 4.0.

Award voting (MVP only):
Place Name Team Points
1 Jake Daubert BRO 50
2 Gavvy Cravath PHI 40
3 Rabbit Maranville BSN 23
4 Christy Mathewson NYG 21
5 Chief Meyers NYG 20
6 Vic Saier CHC 15
7 Larry Cheney CHC 12
8 Dots Miller PIT 11
8 Honus Wagner PIT 11
10 Johnny Evers CHC 10
11 Tom Seaton PHI 9
12 Art Fletcher NYG 7
13 Jimmy Archer CHC 6
13 Mickey Doolan PHI 6
13 Bill Sweeney BSN 6
13 Jim Viox PIT 6
17 Larry Doyle NYG 5
17 Tillie Shafer NYG 5
19 Otto Knabe PHI 4
19 Red Murray NYG 4
19 Heinie Zimmerman CHC 4
22 Babe Adams PIT 3
22 George Cutshaw BRO 3
24 George Burns NYG 2
24 Bert Humphries CHC 2
24 Armando Marsans CIN 2
27 Mordecai Brown CIN 1

Daubert, the contemporary voters' choice for MVP, collected 17 Win Shares. Rabbit Maranville, 3rd in the voting, also had 17 Win Shares in his first full season. Maranville always did much better in the voting than his stats supported.

Best player: um, nobody? For lack of a truly good alternative, I pick Gavy Cravath, who was certainly the best player of an overall poor lot. Heinie Zimmerman #2, Jake Daubert #3, Art Fletcher #4, Vic Saier #5.

Best pitcher: Babe Adams, 2nd in ERA on a fading team. Christy Mathewson #2, Tom Seaton #3, Pete Alexander #4, Slim Sallee #5.

Best rookie: I have to go with Les Mann, .253 average in 120 games with Boston. Not much to work with here.

Best manager: Red Dooin of the surprising Philadelphia team.

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