23 July 2007

1912 National League

The Giants won the pennant again, with 103 victories to outdistance Pittsburgh by 10 games. Chicago was close behind in third. Everyone else was below .500; Cincinnati, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Brooklyn, with Boston bringing up the rear again with 101 losses. The Giants dropped the World Series, but it was a hard-fought battle with the Red Sox.

Statistical leaders: Heinie Zimmerman took the batting title at .372 for Chicago, ahead of Chief Meyers' .358. Meyers led in on-base, Zim in slugging. Zimmerman also led in hits (207), doubles (41) and homers (14). Chief Wilson of Pittsburgh set a record that still stands with 36 triples, an astonishing feat. Honus Wagner drove in 102 runs, followed by Bill Sweeney with 100, and Bob Bescher stole 67 bases and scored 120 runs. Zimmerman dominated the league offensively, with a big margin in runs created and OPS+.

From the mound, Larry Cheney and Rube Marquard led with 26 victories each. Claude Hendrix won 24. Jeff Tesreau's 1.96 ERA edged Christy Mathewson's 2.12, with Nap Rucker third at 2.21. Pete Alexander led with 195 strikeouts, followed by Hendrix with 176 and Marquard with 175. Slim Sallee had six saves, Rucker six shutouts, Cheney 28 complete games. Alexander edged Mathewson by 1/3 of an inning pitched.

Win Shares leaderboard:
Players; Honus Wagner (Pittsburgh) 35, Heinie Zimmerman (Chicago) 34, Larry Doyle (New York) 29, Johnny Evers (Chicago) 27, Dode Paskert (Philadelphia) and Chief Wilson (Pittsburgh) 24, Bob Bescher (Cincinnati) and Chief Meyers (New York) 23, Max Carey (Pittsburgh) and Ed Konetchy (St. Louis) 22.

Pitchers; Christy Mathewson (New York) 31, Claude Hendrix (Pittsburgh) 29, Larry Cheney (Chicago) 27, Rube Marquard (New York) 26, Nap Rucker (Brooklyn) and Pete Alexander (Philadelphia) 24, Howie Camnitz (Pittsburgh) 23, George Suggs (Cincinnati) 22.

WARP3 scores: Wagner 10.5, Zimmerman 6.6 (best year), Evers 5.8 (best year), Joe Tinker (Chicago) 4.6, Meyers 4.5, Carey and Bill Sweeney (Boston) 4.2, Konetchy 3.7, Jimmy Sheckard (Chicago) 3.6, Doyle, Wilson, Art Fletcher (New York) and Zack Wheat (Brooklyn) 3.5.

Pitchers; Rucker 9.2, Mathewson 7.2, Alexander and Suggs 6.4, Slim Sallee (St. Louis) 6.0, Hendrix 5.8, Marquard 5.7, Art Fromme (Cincinnati) 5.2, Rube Benton (Cincinnati) 4.6, Cheney 4.5, Eppa Rixey (Philadelphia) 4.3, Jeff Tesreau (New York) 4.0, Camnitz (his last good year), Hank Robinson (Pittsburgh) and Otto Hess (Boston) 3.8.

WAR for position players: Wagner 9.3, Zimmerman 8.3, Evers 6.8, Doyle 6.6, Sweeney 6.2, Paskert 5.5, Wilson 5.2, Konetchy 5.0, Carey 4.9, Bescher 4.8.

WAR for pitchers: Rucker 7.4, Mathewson 7.2, Marquard 5.8, Alexander 5.7, Sallee 5.5, Fromme and Tesreau 5.0, Cheney 4.9, Hendrix and Suggs 4.7.

Award voting (MVP only)
Place Name Team Points (64 possible)
1 Larry Doyle NYG 48
2 Honus Wagner PIT 43
3 Chief Meyers NYG 25
4 Joe Tinker CHC 22
5 Bob Bescher CIN 17
6 Bill Sweeney BSN 16
6 Heinie Zimmerman CHC 16
8 Jake Daubert BRO 13
8 Rube Marquard NYG 13
8 Chief Wilson PIT 13
11 Otto Knabe PHI 10
12 Ed Konetchy STL 8
12 Christy Mathewson NYG 8
14 Dode Paskert PHI 6
14 Jeff Tesreau NYG 6
16 Miller Huggins STL 5
16 Red Murray NYG 5
18 Armando Marsans CIN 4
18 Fred Merkle NYG 4
20 Johnny Evers CHC 2
20 Claude Hendrix PIT 2
22 Pete Alexander PHI 1
22 Jimmy Archer CHC 1

Best Player: Honus Wagner, having his last great year at age 38. Oddly, Zimmerman did not do very well in the voting although he was the batting champ. Doyle won the award he could have taken in 1911, for the champs.
Wagner #1, Zimmerman #2, Evers #3, Doyle #4, Wilson #5.

Best pitcher: Christy Mathewson, 4th in wins and 2nd in ERA. WARP likes Nap Rucker again, but he pitched his heart out for another poor Brooklyn team. Put Rucker #2 with Claude Hendrix a distant third, Pete Alexander 4th and Rube Marquard 5th.

Best rookie: Jeff Tesreau, filling out a terrific Giants rotation andP leading the league in ERA.

Best manager: John McGraw for another Giants pennant.

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