11 April 2007

1891 American Association

The final year as a major league. A same-named league would become a minor league a few years later. The Cincinnati franchise folded in midseason and was replaced by Milwaukee, with some players transferring and others scattering around the league. Boston won the pennant battle with St. Louis, while Baltimore, Philadelphia, Columbus, Louisville and Washington trailed. After the year, the league folded, with four franchises joining the NL, as others had before.

Dan Brouthers led hitters in batting average with a .350 mark for the Boston team, teammate Hugh Duffy hit .336, Tip O'Neill batted .323, and a third Boston player, Tom Brown, hit .321. George Van Haltren batted .318. Brown scored 177 runs, with Van Haltren tallying 136 and Duffy and Dummy Hoy scored 134. Brown led with 189 hits, Van Haltren and Duffy had 180. Jocko Milligan had 35 doubles and Brown 30. Brown had 21 triples and Brouthers 19. Duke Farrell hit 12 home runs with Milligan and Denny Lyons at 11. Farrell and Duffy brought in 110 runs each. Brouthers got 1-09. Brown had 106 steals.

Sadie McMahon led pitchers with 35 victories. George Haddock had 34, Jack Stivetts had 33, Gus Weyhing 31. Ed Crane led with a 2.45 ERA, followed by Haddock at 2.49 and Charlie Buffinton at 2.55. Stivetts led with 259 strikeouts, Phil Knell had 228, McMahon and Weyhing 219.

AA Win Shares:
Pitchers; Jack Stivetts (St. Louis) 46, Sadie McMahon (Baltimore) 39, Gus Weyhing (Philadelphia) 37, George Haddock (Boston) 34, Phil Knell (Columbus) 32, Charlie Buffinton (Boston) 31, Elton Chamberlain (Philadelphia) 27, Frank Dwyer (Cincinnati/Milwaukee) 24.

Position players; Tom Brown (Boston) 31, Dan Brouthers (Boston) 29, Hugh Duffy (Boston) and Dummy Hoy (St. Louis) 28, George Van Haltren (Baltimore) 26, Curt Welch (Baltimore) and Duke Farrell (Boston) 24, Jack Crooks (Columbus) and Denny Lyons and Tip O'Neill (St. Louis) 23 each.

WARP3 scores, pitchers: Stivetts 8.6, Buffinton 6.4, Haddock 6.2, McMahon 6.0, Frank Foreman (Washington) 5.3, Weyhing 4.7, Knell 4.6. Not among WARP leaders were Chamberlain 2.2, Dwyer 0.1.

Players, Farrell 6.7 (best year), Duffy 6.4, Brouthers 6.2, Welch 5.7, Paul Radford (Boston), Jocko Milligan (Philadelphia), and King Kelly (Cincinnati/Boston) 5.4, Crooks 5.3, Brown 4.9 (career year), Lyons and Charlie Duffee (Columbus) 4.3. Not among WARP leaders are Hoy 3.6, Van Haltren 2.2, O'Neill 2.8.

WAR leaders, pitchers: McMahon 11.0, Weyhing 10.4, Stivetts 10.3, Buffinton 9.3, Haddock 8.7, Knell 8.3. Position players: Brouthers 5.6, Duffy 5.1, Radford and Brown 4.8, Crooks 4.3, Lyons 4.2, Welch 4.1, Farrell 4.0, Milligan 3.9, Werden 3.6.

Top pitcher: Jack Stivetts led in strikeouts, third in wins and fifth in ERA, but second in ERA+.

#1 Jack Stivetts, #2 Sadie McMahon, #3 George Haddock, #4 Charlie Buffinton, #5 Gus Weyhing.

Top player: Dan Brouthers led in the rate stats, and in runs created. Tom Brown led in most others.

#1 Dan Brouthers, #2 Tom Brown, #3 Hugh Duffy, #4 Curt Welch, #5 Duke Farrell.

Top rookie: Hughie Jennings batted .292 in 90 games.

Top manager: Arthur Irwin led Boston to the last AA major league pennant.

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