09 April 2007

1889 American Association

Cleveland was replaced by Columbus in this year, and Brooklyn won a close race with St. Louis to take the pennant. Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Baltimore had good years. Louisville had a horrible year, losing 111 games while winning only 27.

Tommy Tucker won the batting title with a .372 average, while Tip O'Neill was second with a .335 average. Denny Lyons batted .329, Dave Orr .327, Bug Holliday .321, Henry Larkin .318. Harry Stovey and Mike Griffin tied with 152 runs scored, Darby O'Brien 146, Billy Hamilton 144. Curt Welch had 39 doubles, Stovey 38. Lefty Marr had 15 triples. Stovey and Holliday had 19 home runs. Stovey had 119 RBI, Dave Foutz had 113 RBI, O'Neill 110 RBI. Hamilton stole 111 bases, O'Brien 91.

Bob Caruthers won 40 games, Silver King 35, Elton Chamberlain and Jesse Duryea 32, Gus Weyhing 30, Matt Kilroy 29. Jack Stivetts had a 2.25 ERA, Duryea 2.56, Kilroy 2.85, Weyhing 2.95, Chamberlain 2.97, Tony Mullane 2.99. Mark Baldwin led with 368 strikeouts, Kilroy 217, Weyhing 213, Chamberlain 202.

Win Shares, pitchers; Bob Caruthers (Brooklyn, sending Caruthers back to the mound full-time) 46, Matt Kilroy (Baltimore) and Silver King (St. Louis) 44 each, Elton Chamberlain (St. Louis) 42, Jesse Duryea (Cincinnati) 37, Adonis Terry (Brooklyn) and Gus Weyhing (Philadelphia) 30, Frank Foreman (Baltimore) 28, Mark Baldwin (Columbus) 27, Tony Mullane and Lee Viau (Cincinnati) 24.

AA Position players; Tommy Tucker (Baltimore) and Darby O'Brien (Brooklyn) 30 each, Harry Stovey (Philadelphia) 28, Billy Shindle (Baltimore) and Tip O'Neill (St. Louis) 27 each, Oyster Burns (Brooklyn) and Denny Lyons (Philadelphia) 25 each, Hub Collins and Dave Foutz (Brooklyn), Lee (Lefty) Marr (Columbus) and Billy Hamilton (Kansas City) 24.

WARP3 scores: Pitchers, Kilroy 7.9 (his last good year), Caruthers 7.2 (his best pitching year), Duryea 6.5 (rookie, best year), Chamberlain 6.1 (best year), Jim Conway (Kansas City) 5.8, Foreman 5.3 (rookie, 21 previous innings), King 4.3, Terry 3.6, Weyhing 3.5. Not among leaders: Baldwin 3.0, Mullane 2.8, Viau 1.9.

Players, Stovey 7.8, Lyons 7.6 (best year), Shindle 6.0, Marr 5.7 (career year), Lee Bierbauer (Philadelphia) 5.5, Jim Keenan (Cincinnati) 5.1, Curt Welch (Philadelphia) 4.9, Tucker 4.8, and well as Jocko Milligan (St. Louis) 4.8, Bid McPhee (Cincinnati) 4.6, O'Brien 4.5 (rookie), O'Neill 4.2. Not among leaders: Burns 3.1, Collins 3.3, Foutz 1.0, Hamilton 1.5 (nearly a rookie).

WAR leaders, pitchers: Chamberlain 10.4, Caruthers 10.3, King 9.9, Duryea 9.2, Kilroy 9.1, Foreman 6.8, Viau 6.1, Weyhing 6.0, Stivetts 5.8. Position players: Tucker 6.2, Stovey 5.1, Lyons 4.6, Marr 4.2, Shindle 3.9, O'Neill and O'Brien 3.6, Hamilton 3.2.

Top pitcher: Bob Caruthers, returning to full-time mound duty after several years as an outfielder-pitcher. He led in wins and shutouts, and pitched for the pennant winners.

#1 Bob Caruthers, #2 Matt Kilroy, #3 Jesse Duryea, #4 Elton Chamberlain, #5 Silver King.

Top player: Harry Stovey, in a close decision over Tommy Tucker. Denny Lyons deserves a special mention. Tucker led in OPS and OPS+ by a slim margin over Stovey, but Stovey led in runs and RBI, as well as slugging and home runs.

#1 Harry Stovey, #2 Tommy Tucker, #3 Denny Lyons, #4 Billy Shindle, #5 Lee Marr.

Top rookie: Jesse Duryea, Cincinnati pitcher second in ERA and 4th in wins.

Top manager: Bill McGunnigle, piloting Brooklyn to the pennant.

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