07 April 2007

1888 National League

New York took the pennant, winning easily over good clubs in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit and Pittsburgh. The Giants even drove their AA rivals from the city. Indianapolis and Washington trailed badly again, but the league franchise setup remained the same.

Cap Anson won the batting title with a .344 average. Jimmy Ryan was second at .332, then King Kelly at .318, Dan Brouthers .307, and Buck Ewing .306. Brouthers led with 118 runs scored, followed by Ryan with 115, Dick Johnston 102, and Anson 101. Ryan led with 182 hits. Ryan and Brouthers tied with 33 doubles. Johnston had 18 triples, Roger Connor 17. Ryan had 16 homers, Connor 14. Anson led with 84 RBI.

Tim Keefe led the way with 35 wins, John Clarkson had 33, Pete Conway 30, Ed Morris 29, Charlie Buffinton 28. Keefe led with a 1.74 ERA, Ben Sanders 1.90, Buffinton 1.91, Mickey Welch 1.93. Keefe swept his pitcher's Triple Crown with 335 strikeouts, Clarkson got 223, Pretzels Getzein 202.

The WS data, NL Pitchers; Charlie Buffinton (Philadelphia) 44, Ben Sanders (Philadelphia) and Tim Keefe (New York) 35 each, Ed Morris (Pittsburgh) 34, John Clarkson (Boston) and Mickey Welch (New York) 32, Pud Galvin (Pittsburgh) 30, Pete Conway (Detroit) 29, Gus Krock (Chicago) 26, Bill Sowders (Boston) 21.

NL Position Players; Jimmy Ryan (Chicago) 34, Roger Connor (New York) 32, Cap Anson (Chicago) 29, Dummy Hoy (Washington) 28, Dan Brouthers (Detroit) and Buck Ewing (New York) 27, Mike Tiernan (New York) 26, Dick Johnston and King Kelly (Boston) 24, Billy Nash (Boston) 23.

WARP3 scores: Pitchers, Buffinton 9.7, Conway 7.6 (career year), Sanders 6.7 (rookie, best year), Welch 5.5, Keefe 5.2. Those not among WARP leaders: Morris 2.3 (his last good year), Clarkson 1.9, Galvin 2.8, Krock 4.1 (rookie, career year), Sowders 1.3 (rookie).

Players, Ewing 9.5, Connor 9.0, Kelly 8.3, Nash 8.0, Brouthers 7.7, Anson and Tiernan 7.6, Johnston 7.4 (career year), Ryan 6.8. Not among WARP leaders was Hoy 4.7 (rookie).

WAR leaders, pitchers: Buffinton and Keefe 10.1, Welch 7.9, Sanders 6.5, Krock 6.4, Galvin 5.7, Conway 5.5, Morris 5.4. Position players, Connor 7.7, Brouthers 6.8, Anson 6.6, Ryan 5.9, Nash and Tiernan 5.1, Hoy 4.8, Ewing 4.7, Kelly 4.3.

Top pitcher: Tim Keefe, leader in wins, WHIP, ERA and strikeouts. Buffinton gets extra WS and WARP points due to better hitting, but I'll take Keefe.

#1 Tim Keefe, #2 Charlie Buffinton, #3 Ben Sanders, #4 Mickey Welch, #5 Pete Conway.

Top player: Buck Ewing. He was held for some years as the best of the 19th century players, not just catchers, and this season was a reason why.

#1 Buck Ewing, #2 Roger Connor, #3 Cap Anson, #4 Jimmy Ryan, #5 Dan Brouthers.

Top rookie: Dummy Hoy, breaking in at age 26 and leading the league in SB, Hoy would go on to have a fine career.

Top manager: Jim Mutrie led New York from 5th to the pennant.

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