16 February 2015

2013 National League

The 2013 season was nearly all about the Central division.  Three of the six teams that finished with records over .500 played in the Central, all three of those winning at least 90 games and making the playoffs.  The St. Louis Cardinals won the Central with 97 wins, and also took the pennant before losing in the World Series.

Atlanta won the East with 96 wins, and Washington was second with 86 wins.  Los Angeles won the West with 91 wins, and Arizona was second with 81 wins.  Pittsburgh and Cincinnati were the wild card teams with 94 and 90 wins, respectively.  The Pirates broke a 20-year streak of below-.500 ball.  Miami was the worst team in the league with 100 losses, and the Cubs lost 96.

Michael Cuddyer took the batting average title as a member of the Rockies (of course) with a .331 average, and Chris Johnson was second at .321.  Joey Votto led in on-base for the fourth straight year, and Paul Goldschmidt led in slugging.  Matt Carpenter led in runs scored with 126 and Shin-Soo Choo was second with 107.  Carpenter led in hits with 199 and doubles with 55, while Denard Span led with 11 triples.

Goldschmidt and Pedro Alvarez tied for the lead with 36 homers, and Goldschmidt led with 125 RBI while Freddie Freeman and Jay Bruce tied for second in that category with 109.  Votto led with 135 walks.  Eric Young stole 46 bases.  Votto edged Goldschmidt in runs created 132 to 129.

Jordan Zimmerman and Adam Wainright topped the loop with 19 wins each.  Clayton Kershaw posted a 1.83 ERA, with Jose Fernandez at 2.19 and Matt Harvey at 2.27.  Craig Kimbrel led with 50 saves.  Kershaw had 232 strikeouts, Cliff Lee 222.

Win Shares leaders, position players:  Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona) 36, Freddie Freeman (Atlanta) and Matt Carpenter (St. Louis) 35, Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh) 34, Shin-Soo Choo (Cincinnati) 31, Joey Votto (Cincinnati) 30, Yadier Molina (St. Louis) 29, Allen Craig (St. Louis), Jayson Werth (Washington) and David Wright (New York) 26, Matt Holliday (St. Louis) and Hunter Pence (San Francisco) 25.

Win Shares leaders, pitchers:  Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles) 22, Cliff Lee (Philadelphia) 19, Zack Greinke (Los Angeles) and Craig Kimbrel (Atlanta) 17, Jose Fernandez (Miami), Kenley Jansen (Los Angeles), and Adam Wainright (St. Louis) 16, Travis Wood (Chicago), Jhoulys Chacin (Colorado), Mark Melancon (Pittsburgh) and Jordan Zimmerman (Washington) 15 each.

bWAR (Baseball-reference WAR) leaders, position players:  Carlos Gomez (Milwaukee) 8.9, McCutchen 7.9, Goldschmidt 7.3, Andrelton Simmons (Atlanta) 6.9, Votto 6.4, Carpenter and Molina 6.0, Wright 5.8, Posey, Starling Marte (Pittsburgh) and Gerardo Parra (Arizona) 5.5, Freeman and Hanley Ramirez (Los Angeles) 5.4.

bWAR leaders, pitchers:  Kershaw 7.8, Lee 7.3, Fernandez 6.3, Wainright 6.2, Chacin 5.8, Harvey 5.2, Cole Hamels (Philadelphia) 4.8, Wood 4.4, Jorge de la Rosa (Colorado) 4.3, Greinke 3.9.

fWAR (Fangraphs WAR) leaders, position players:  McCutchen 8.2, Gomez 7.5, Carpenter 6.9, Goldschmidt 6.4, Votto 6.1, Wright 6.0, Molina and Pence 5.5, Troy Tulowitski (Colorado) 5.4, Choo 5.2.

fWAR leaders, pitchers:  Kershaw 6.6, Wainright 6.3, Harvey 6.0, Lee 5.1, Chacin and Mat Latos (Cincinnati) 4.4, Fernandez 4.2, Hamels 4.1, A.J. Burnett (Pittsburgh) 4.0, Homer Bailey (Cincinnati) 3.7.

MVP voting (top 13):
1Andrew McCutchenPIT409.028.097%7.91575839718521842778.317.404.508.911
2Paul GoldschmidtARI242.00.058%7.3160602103182361251599.302.401.551.952
3Yadier MolinaSTL219.02.052%6.0136505681611280330.319.359.477.836
4Matt CarpenterSTL194.00.046%6.01576261261991178372.318.392.481.873
5Freddie FreemanATL154.00.037%5.41475518917623109166.319.396.501.897
6Joey VottoCIN149.00.035%6.416258110117724736135.305.435.491.926
7Clayton KershawLAD146.00.035%8.4357781411005.
8Hanley RamirezLAD58.00.014%5.4863046210520571027.345.402.6381.040
9Carlos GomezMIL43.00.010%8.91475368015224734037.284.338.506.843
10Jay BruceCIN30.00.07%4.91606268916430109763.262.329.478.807
11Craig KimbrelATL27.00.06%3.3680000000431.210.8816805067.03942098
12Shin-Soo ChooCIN23.00.05%4.2154569107162215420112.285.423.462.885
13Jayson WerthWSN20.00.05%4.91294628414725821060.318.398.532.931

Cy Young voting:

1Clayton KershawLAD207.029.099%7.8169.6401.8333330320236.016455481152223232129080.915194
2Adam WainwrightSTL86.01.041%6.2199.6792.9434340520241.22238379153522196059561.068127
3Jose FernandezMIA62.00.030%6.3126.6672.1928280000172.21114742105851875136810.979176
4Matt HarveyNYM39.00.019%5.295.6432.2726260110178.1135464573111914026900.931157
4Craig KimbrelATL39.00.019%3.343.5711.2168060005067.0391094202983032580.881311
6Cliff LeePHI32.00.015%7.3148.6362.8731310210222.21937771223202224018761.010131
7Jordan ZimmermannWSN21.00.010%3.7199.6793.2532320420213.11928177194001617038651.088116
8Zack GreinkeLAD19.00.09%3.9154.7892.6328280110177.21525452134611487057171.114135
9Madison BumgarnerSFG3.00.01%3.8139.5912.7731310000201.11466862156261996068031.033124
9Francisco LirianoPIT3.00.01%3.0168.6673.0226260200161.0134545496301630276661.224
Rookie of the Year voting:
1Jose FernandezMIA142.026.095%6.728505111500.220.216.340.5561262.190.97928280172.21111058187
2Yasiel PuigLAD95.04.063%4.91043826612219421136.319.391.534.925
3Shelby MillerSTL12.00.08%3.33153341201.
4Hyun-jin RyuLAD10.00.07%3.830585120502.
5Julio TeheranATL7.00.05%3.730581130202.
6Jedd GyorkoSDP2.00.01%2.2125486621212363133.249.301.444.745
7Nolan ArenadoCOL1.00.01%3.9133486491301052223.267.301.405.706
7Evan GattisATL1.00.01%0.510535444862165021.243.291.480.771
Manager of the Year voting:
RankNameTmVote Pts1st PlaceShareWLW-L%GFinish
1Clint HurdlePIT140.025.093%9468.5801622.0
2Don MattinglyLAD68.02.045%9270.5681621.0
3Fredi GonzalezATL43.03.029%9666.5931621.0
4Mike MathenySTL19.00.013%9765.5991621.0

Manager of the Year:  Clint Hurdle for leading Pittsburgh out of the wilderness.

Rookie of the Year:  Jose Fernandez had a terrific year and was one of the best pitchers in the league.

Pitchers of the Year:  A terrific year for Clayton Kershaw, first after two second places.  1) Clayton Kershaw, 2) Adam Wainright, 3) Cliff Lee, 4) Jose Fernandez, 5) Craig Kimbrel.

Players of the Year:  A magnificent year for Andrew McCutchen and the Pirates.  1) Andrew McCutchen, 2) Paul Goldschmidt, 3) Matt Carpenter, 4) Joey Votto, 5) Yadier Molina, 6) Carlos Gomez.

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