15 February 2015

2013 American League

Some excitement to the end in the AL race, and the five playoff teams all won at least 92 games.  Boston won the most in taking the East with 97 wins.  Oakland took the West with 96 wins and Detroit squeezed out the Central by a game with 93 wins.  Tampa Bay and Cleveland took the wild cards with 92 wins each.  Texas almost made it, winning 91 games.  Falling short was Kansas City with 86 wins, and Baltimore and New York won 85 each.  On the other end, Houston lost 111 times.  Boston won their way through, taking the World Series.

Miguel Cabrera won the batting average title again, with a .348 mark.  He finished second in the other triple-crown categories with 44 homers and 137 RBI.  Joe Mauer was second in average with a .324 mark and Mike Trout third at .323.  Cabrera also led in on-base and slugging.  Trout led in runs scored with 109, with Cabrera and Chris Davis second at 103.  Adrian Beltre led with 199 hits.

Manny Machado led with 51 doubles, Brett Gardner with 10 triples.  David led with 53 homers and 138 RBI.  Trout led with 110 walks.  Jacoby Ellsbury led with 52 steals.  Cabrera and Trout tied with 155 runs created.

Max Scherzer led with 21 wins; Bartolo Colon was second with 18. Anibal Sanchez led the league with a 2.57 ERA, Colon was second at 2.65, Hisahi Iwakuma third at 2.66.  Yu Darvish led the league in strikeouts with 277, Scherzer was second with 240.  Jim Johnson led the loop in saves with 50, Greg Holland had 47.

Win Shares leaders, position players:  Mike Trout (Los Angeles) 40, Miguel Cabrera (Detroit) 37, Robinson Cano (New York) 35, Chris Davis (Baltimore) 33, Josh Donaldson (Oakland) 32, Jason Kipnis (Cleveland) 27, Carlos Santana (Cleveland) and Ben Zobrist (Tampa Bay) 26, Dustin Pedroia (Boston) 25, Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay) 24.

Win Shares leaders, pitchers:  Max Scherzer (Detroit) and Hisahi Iwakuma (Seattle) 20, Koji Uehara (Boston), James Shields and Greg Holland (Kansas City), and Yu Darvish (Texas) 18, Anibal Sanchez (Detroit), Bartolo Colon (Oakland), and Joe Nathan (Texas) 17, Hiroki Kuroda and Mariano Rivera (New York) and Felix Hernandez (Seattle) 16.

bWAR (Baseball-reference WAR) leaders, position players:  Trout 8.9, Donaldson 8.0, Cano 7.6, Cabrera 7.5, Longoria 6.7, Pedroia 6.6, Manny Machado (Baltimore) 6.4, Davis 6.1, Kipnis 5.9, Shane Victorino (Boston) 5.8.

bWAR leaders, pitchers:  Iwakuma 7.0, Chris Sale (Chicago) 6.9, Scherzer 6.7, Sanchez 6.3, Darvish 5.8, Jose Quintana (Chicago) 5.4, Hernandez 5.2, Colon 5.0, Justin Verlander (Detroit) 4.6, Chris Tillman (Baltimore) 4.4.

fWAR (Fangraphs WAR) leaders, position players:  Trout 10.5, Donaldson 7.7, Cabrera 7.6, Davis and Longoria 6.8, Machado 6.3, Cano 6.0, Ellsbury 5.8, Victorino 5.6, Zobrist and Pedroia 5.4.

fWAR leaders, pitchers:  Scherzer 6.4, Sanchez 6.2, Hernandez 5.8, Verlander 5.2, Sale 5.1, Darvish 5.0, Derek Holland (Texas) 4.8, Shields and Doug Fister (Detroit) 4.5, David Price (Tampa Bay) and Jon Lester (Boston) 4.3.

MVP Voting, top 12:
1Miguel CabreraDET385.023.092%7.514855510319344137390.348.442.6361.078
2Mike TroutLAA282.05.067%8.9157589109190279733110.323.432.557.988
3Chris DavisBAL232.01.055%6.116058410316753138472.286.370.6341.004
4Josh DonaldsonOAK222.01.053%8.0158579891742493576.301.384.499.883
5Robinson CanoNYY150.00.036%7.61606058119027107765.314.383.516.899
6Evan LongoriaTBR103.00.025%6.7160614911653288170.269.343.498.842
7Adrian BeltreTEX99.00.024%5.4161631881993092150.315.371.509.880
7Dustin PedroiaBOS99.00.024%6.6160641911939841773.301.372.415.787
9Manny MachadoBAL57.00.014%6.4156667881891471629.283.314.432.746
10David OrtizBOS47.00.011%4.91375188416030103476.309.395.564.959
11Jason KipnisCLE31.00.07%5.91495648616017843076.284.366.452.818
12Max ScherzerDET25.00.06%6.8323010100.333.333.6671.0002132.900.97032320214.11521856240

Cy Young voting, top 7:
1Max ScherzerDET203.028.097%6.7213.8752.9032320000214.11527369185602404168360.970144
2Yu DarvishTEX93.00.044%5.8139.5912.8332320000209.21456866268012778178411.073145
3Hisashi IwakumaSEA73.00.035%7.0146.7002.6633330000219.217969652542418520108661.006138
4Anibal SanchezDET46.01.022%6.3148.6362.5729290110182.0156565295412022077461.154162
5Chris SaleCHW44.01.021%6.91114.4403.0730300410214.118481732346222614188661.073137
6Bartolo ColonOAK25.00.012%5.0186.7502.6530300330190.11936056142901170017691.166147
7Koji UeharaBOS10.00.05%3.641.8001.0973040002174.1331095921011012650.565379

Rookie of the Year voting (top 4)
1Wil MyersTBR131.023.087%1.98833550981353533.293.354.478.831
2Jose IglesiasTOT80.05.053%1.710935039106329515.303.349.386.735
3Chris ArcherTBR35.01.023%2.2231000000.
4Dan StrailyOAK15.01.010%1.2272000001.000.333.000.3331083.961.24127270152.11321657124

Manager of the Year voting (top 5):
RankNameTmVote Pts1st PlaceShareWLW-L%GFinish
1Terry FranconaCLE112.016.075%9270.5681622.0
2John FarrellBOS96.012.064%9765.5991621.0
3Bob MelvinOAK36.02.024%9666.5931621.0
4Joe GirardiNYY11.00.07%8577.5251623.0
5Joe MaddonTBR9.00.06%9271.5641632.0

Manager of the Year:  John Farrell, for taking the Red Sox from worst to first, and all the way to a WS title.

Rookie of the Year:  Wil Myers, a strong rookie season he seeks to repeat.

Pitcher of the Year:  Max Scherzer put up an amazing year.  1) Scherzer, 2) Iwakuma, 3) Sanchez, 4) Darvish, 5) Hernandez.

Player of the Year:  Mike Trout tops each of our three meta-stats.  That kind of agreement means something.  1) Trout, 2) Cabrera, 3) Donaldson, 4) Davis, 5) Cano, 6) Longoria.

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