05 January 2008

1925 National League

Pittsburgh charged to a pennant, their first since 1909, and then a World Series title. New York fell from its four-year reign to second place. The Giants led in the early going, but the Pirates surged ahead in mid-summer and steadily built their lead. Cincinnati was third and St. Louis fourth. Boston was fifth, Brooklyn and Philadelphia tied for sixth, while Chicago was last. The Cubs would contend soon.

Rogers Hornsby followed up his .424 average year with a Triple Crown, batting .403 with 39 HR and 143 RBI. He also took over as Cardinals manager during the season. Hornsby also led in on-base, slugging, OPS, and total bases. Kiki Cuyler led in runs with 144 and triples with 26, Jim Bottomley had 227 hits and 44 doubles, and Max Carey had 46 steals. Bottomley was second in batting average with a .367 mark, Zack Wheat was third at .359, Cuyler fourth at .357.

For pitchers, Dazzy Vance's 22 wins edged Reds Pete Donohue and Eppa Rixey at 21, while Red Dolf Luque led in ERA at 2.63. Rixey was 2nd (2.88) and Donohue 3rd (3.08). Vance led with 221 strikeouts.

Win Shares leaders, players; Rogers Hornsby (St. Louis) 36, Kiki Cuyler (Pittsburgh) 34, Jack Fournier (Brooklyn) 29, Zack Wheat (Brooklyn) and Jim Bottomley (St. Louis) 27, Max Carey and Pie Traynor (Pittsburgh) 26, Glenn Wright (Pittsburgh) 24, Edd Roush (Cincinnati) 23, Dave Bancroft (Boston) and George Kelly (New York) 22.

WS leaders, pitchers; Pete Donohue (Cincinnati) 28, Dolf Luque (Cincinnati) 27, Eppa Rixey (Cincinnati) 26, Jack Scott (New York) 25, Dazzy Vance (Brooklyn) and Pete Alexander (Chicago) 20, Johnny Cooney (Boston) and Bill Sherdel (St. Louis) 19, Lee Meadows (Pittsburgh) 18.

WARP3: Hornsby 8.7 (Triple Crown and his third .400 average in four years), Bancroft 7.0, Cuyler 6.8, Traynor 6.1, Fournier 5.0 (last good year), Wright 4.9, Ray Blades (St. Louis) 4.5, Bottomley and Gabby Hartnett (Chicago) 4.2, Carey 3.6 (last good year), Wheat 3.2 (last good year).

Pitchers, Vance 6.4, Luque 6.3, Scott 6.2, Donohue 5.5 (best year), Rixey 5.2, Alexander 4.2, Sherdel and Larry Benton (Boston) 4.1, Hal Carlson (Philadelphia) 4.0, Jimmy Ring (Philadelphia) 3.4.

WAR leaders, position players: Hornsby 11.0, Cuyler 7.7, Bottomley 6.1, Fournier 6.0, Wheat 5.4, Bancroft 5.2, Blades 5.1, Carey 5.0, Wright 4.8, Walker and Frisch 4.3. Pitchers: Luque 6.2, Rixey 5.9, Vance 5.7, Donohue 5.5, Scott 5.0, Sherdel 4.8, Alexander 4.2, Carlson 4.0, Aldridge and Benton 4.0.

Actual award voting, MVP (top 11):
Place Name Team Points
1 Rogers Hornsby STL 73
2 Kiki Cuyler PIT 61
3 George Kelly NYG 52
4 Glenn Wright PIT 43
5 Dazzy Vance BRO 42
6 Dave Bancroft BSN 41
7 Jim Bottomley STL 28
8 Pie Traynor PIT 27
9 Frankie Frisch NYG 13
10 Edd Roush CIN 12
11 Max Carey PIT 11

Best player: Rogers Hornsby. The voters went for the spectacular performance of the triple crown winner for a .500 team over a strong performance for a player on the pennant winner, and I will too. .403, 39 HR, 143 RBI. #2 is Kiki Cuyler of the pennant winners, he hit .357 with 18 HR and 102 RBI. Hits and doubles leader Jim Bottomley is #3. Jack Fournier ranks #4. #5 Zack Wheat in a last great effort.

Best pitcher: Eppa Rixey, 21-11 with a 2.88 ERA for punchless Cincinnati. Pete Donohue was #2, he was 21-14 with a 3.08 ERA for the same team. #3 is the third Reds pitcher, Dolf Luque, 16-18 but the ERA leader at 2.63. Dazzy Vance was the wins and strikeouts leader at 22-9 and 3.53. Jack Scott #5.

Best rookie: Jimmy Welsh hit .312 in 122 games as Brooklyn's RF.

Best manager: Bill McKechnie led Pittsburgh to the title.

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