16 June 2007

1905 National League

New York won 105 games and the pennant this year, with Pittsburgh second and Chicago third. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati were near .500, St. Louis, Boston, and Brooklyn were competing for the cellar again. New York then won the World Series with Christy Mathewson delivering on of the all-time great postseason performances, pitching three shutouts in five games. The Giants allowed only three runs, none earned, in the whole Series.

Statistical leaders: Cy Seymour had a career year, and led the league in batting average (.377), doubles (40), RBI (121), slugging, OPS, hits (219), triples (21), and total bases. Mike Donlin led in runs (124), while Art Devlin and Billy Maloney tied for the steals lead (59). Meantime, Honus Wagner was third in hits, third in doubles, third in RBI, second in batting average at .363 and played shortstop.

Christy Mathewson had a great year, winning the pitchers' Triple Crown. He had 31 wins. Togie Pittinger won 23, Red Ames 22, Joe McGinnity 21, with Bob Ewing, Sam Leever, Deacon Phillippe, and Irv Young winning 20. Mathewson had a 1.28 ERA, followed by Ed Reulbach at 1.42, Bob Wicker at 2.02, Buttons Briggs at 2.14, and Mordecai Brown at 2.17. Mathewson struck out 206, Ames 198, Orval Overall 173.

1905 NL Win Shares leaderboards:
Players; Honus Wagner (Pittsburgh) 46, Cy Seymour (Cincinnati) 42, Turkey Mike Donlin (New York) 36, Roy Thomas (Philadelphia) 31, John Titus (Philadelphia) 29, Sherry Magee (Philadelphia) 28, Miller Huggins (Cincinnati) 27, Frank Chance and Jimmy Slagle (Chicago) and Sam Mertes (New York) 25 each.

Pitchers; Christy Mathewson (New York) 39, Irv Young (Boston) and Ed Reulbach (Chicago) 29, Deacon Phillippe (Pittsburgh) 26, Bob Ewing (Cincinnati) 23, Joe McGinnity (New York) 22.

WARP3 leaders, players: Wagner 9.8, Seymour 9.3, Donlin 8.1, Chance 6.6, Thomas 6.4, Roger Bresnahan (New York) 5.7, Titus 5.6, McGann 5.5, Mertes and Bill Dahlen (New York) 4.3, Slagle 4.2, Jimmy Sheckard (Brooklyn) 4.1.

WARP3 leaders, pitchers: Mathewson 9.5, Young 7.9, Ewing 6.7, Reulbach 5.3, Orval Overall (Cincinnati) 4.6, Doc Scanlan (Brooklyn) 4.0, Phillippe and Tully Sparks (Philadelphia) 3.7.

Top players, WAR: Wagner 11.9, Seymour 9.5, Donlin 8.5, Thomas 7.3, Chance 7.2, Magee and Titus 6.7, Dahlen 6.5, McGann 6.3.

Top pitchers, WAR: Mathewson 9.1, Reulbach 7.8, Young 7.0, Ewing 5.6, Sparks 5.1, Phillippe 4.9, Wicker 4.5, Weimer 4.2.

Top player: Honus Wagner for the sixth straight time, although he had more competition than usual. Donlin was a strong hitter, and amazing Cy Seymour led in most hitting categories, but overall it must be Honus.
#1 Honus Wagner, #2 Cy Seymour, #3 Mike Donlin, #4 Roy Thomas, #5 Frank Chance.

Mathewson is the clear winner for best pitcher. Big Six had 31 wins, next best was Togie Pittinger of Philly with 23. Mathewson also led in ERA and strikeouts, the pitching triple crown, then threw three shutouts in the World Series. That's pretty impressive.
#1 Christy Mathewson, #2 Ed Reulbach, #3 Irv Young, #4 Bob Ewing, #5 Deacon Phillippe.

Top rookie to Irv Young, who did very little afterwards.

Top manager to John McGraw, the Giants skipper.

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