11 March 2007

1873 National Association

The third year of the professional league was a little steadier, with Boston winning again. Called the Red Stockings, they went 43-16 and the 59 league games was the high figure. One Baltimore team finished third, but another went 0-6 and dropped out.

WARP3 numbers for top players: Ross Barnes (Boston) 8.9, George Wright (Boston) 7.3, Deacon White (Boston) 6.3, Davy Force (Baltimore) 4.9, Dave Eggler (New York) 4.6, Cherokee Fisher (Philadelphia) 4.0, Jim O'Rourke (Boston) and Tom York (Baltimore) 3.9, Count Gedney and Jim Holdsworth (New York) and Cap Anson (Philadelphia Athletics) 3.7, Ezra Sutton (Philadelphia) 3.6.

WARP3 for pitchers: Bobby Mathews (New York) 8.2, Albert Spalding (Boston) 8.0, Candy Cummings (Baltimore) 5.7, George Zettlein (Philadelphia Whites) 5.0, Dick McBride (Philadelphia) 4.2.

WAR for players only: Barnes 4.7 and Wright 4.0, Force and White 2.3, O'Rourke 2.0.

Barnes hit .431, with Cap Anson at .398, Deacon White .392, George Wright .387, Cal McVey .380. Barnes scored 125 runs, Wright 99.

Spalding had 41 wins, Zettlein 36, Mathews 29, Cummings 28. Cherokee Fisher led in ERA with a 1.81 figure in a small sample, with Mathews at 2.58 and Cummings 2.80.

Best player: Ross Barnes again, the league leader in batting, on-base, slugging, runs, doubles, hits, total bases, times on base. The complete package. #2 George Wright, #3 Deacon White, #4 Davy Force, #5 Cap Anson.

Best pitcher: Albert Spalding, leading in wins and 2nd in ERA. #2 Bobby Mathews, #3 Candy Cummings, #4 George Zettlein, #5 Dick McBride.

Best manager: Harry Wright again.

No good candidates for top rookie.

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